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Here at Vision BJJ, we decided to return to the traditions of Gracie Jiu Jitsu (the original BJJ) and incorporate self-defense training as an integral part of the overall training program. Not only do we cover the popular aspects of sport BJJ and tournament competition as well as the less common self-defense aspects of BJJ, but we also include boxing, kick boxing, and security-style non-violent restraint techniques.

This approach has two significant advantages. First, it teaches our students realistic ways to defend themselves in dangerous situations. Second, the variety of techniques keep our classes from becoming stale or boring! As another way to keep classes interesting, challenging, and motivating, we sometimes focus on martial arts oriented strength and conditioning training, as well as rolling (the term used for sparring in BJJ).

In other words, here at Vision BJJ we are committed to a comprehensive approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defense, while also helping our students to improve their overall physical fitness. The resulting confidence is of value not only here in our dojo, but everywhere our students go in their daily lives. We do our best to help each student become more than just a better martial artist, but rather a physically and psychologically more confident person in every aspect of their lives.

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